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The Rich Don't Work for Money

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Rush Dad, Poor Dad

Lesson One: The Rich Don't Work For Money

This lesson begins when Robert Kiyosaki and his childhood friend and business partner, Mike, want to learn about how to make money. The boys seek the advice of Mike's successful "Rich Dad" and he teaches them to make money work for them. Their first task was to dust cans at the father's store and only receive 30 cents a day as pay, this did not please Robert who thought it unfair to be paid so little. It is here that the boys discover that those who make money do not work for money, their money works for them. Next "Rich Dad" lets the boys continue working but for no pay this time, which forces them to think outside the box that receive that 30 cents had put them in.

After discovering comic books being wasted the boys take the opportunity to open a library of Comics for other children their age. After venturing into this business the young men made a considerable amount of money until unfortunately, due to a fight, they had to close their first corporation. In only a short period of time, and at a young age, the two boys, Robert and Mike, had learned what "Poor Dad" had never been taught: "Do not work for money, make money work for you."

Opinion on Lesson One

I believe that having money work for you is the key principle to being successful in business. When a worker becomes a slave to his or her paycheck they give up the control they once had on their job. Now they work because they need to earn money, not just because they enjoy what they are doing. Just as the boys learned to do, many adults have already figured out how to take something small and turn it into a big money-maker, like the Library. Fortunately for the boys they had "Rich Dad" to guide them in this process of learning how work should be. Even when "Rich Dad" provokes the boys greed with his offer of five dollars an hour (at that time this was double minimum wage) the young men grasp the point he is trying to get across that no matter how much they are being paid they were still working for the money.

It was very interesting to learn these key objectives to business through



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