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The Price for Freedom Is Too High By: Amber Paysinger

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Essay Preview: The Price for Freedom Is Too High By: Amber Paysinger

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The Price for Freedom Is Too High By: Amber Paysinger

Eminent domain is the right by the government to take private property for a public purpose or project, such as industrial parks, interstates, utility lines, and other governmental projects. Condemnation is when people are offered a certain amount of compensation and have the opportunity to object or file a complaint to appeal the amount in which they have received. The Constitution of America requires the government to pay the citizens fair market value. The fair market value is determined by an appraiser that is hired by the government agency and the resident and a jury in a court of law.

Eminent Domain is not justified because property right is an inherited right of Tennesseans stated in the Constitution, East Tennesseans lose the financial security of having equity in the property, and land owners are not compensated adequately for the expenses of buying new property. Condemnation may bring new job sources to rural areas but this new law has many people wondering what is this country coming to when Americans cannot buy property without having the constant worry of county, city, and state officials stepping in.

Many Southern politicians agree that this act is unconstitutional and violates our rights as a citizen of the United States. There are still a few that feel eminent domain opens up new opportunities for rural counties. Jobs are scarce and counties are suffering from lack of economic growth. "I am sure there are some instances when (eminent domain) happens for public good, but the interpretation (of public acceptance) varies. None of us want to think we go out, make an investment and run the risk of the government taking it away," Mr. Hoke, a resident of Murfreesboro, Tennessee explains. (Mielczarek, Natalia, Tennessean Online News Source, October 8th, 2005) Tennessee taxpayers simply feel like they have been stolen from. Some of the Tennessee representatives are banning together to fight the higher courts and bring peace of mind back to the people. Republican senator Jim Tracy is one of the representatives taking a stand. Jim Tracy is a co-sponsor for a bill that is going to a higher court soon to be reevaluated and will prohibit the use of eminent domain for public projects. He purposes a resolution similar to the one passed by commissioners in Wilson County, Connecticut. The legislation was modeled after the first resolution to be reviewed and passed in the United States, here in our own backyard, McMinn County, Tennessee. It entailed that government officials cannot take away land simply for public benefit without voluntary consent. (Mielczarek, Natalia. Tennessean Online News Source. P1, L.58, Para.13) Many people do not understand Tennessee law and statues due to the lack of law knowledge. All the public notice is plenty of publicity and different point of views. If Americans do not act now before more of citizen's rights have disappeared, our constitution will just simply become another meaningless piece of paper. Our freedom of thought and ownership will disintegrate.

Children have been taught the American dream of purchasing a home at an exceptionally young age. It has been preached to children because parents find comfort in the fact that their children will have the financial security of equity. Many of taxpayers have depended on this equity to purchase more property or even for unexpected emergencies. By taking away this property, the government is taking away years of hard earned money. Linda Hicks is a concerned resident of Monroe County. Ms. Hicks is worried about the recent controversy over the oil drilling arguments. She states, "I have worked my entire life for my home. My home is all I have. It is my life savings." With sixty-four percent of America at or under poverty level, living paycheck to paycheck, homes are the only sense of security some families have. Resident's property could be a sense of financial security on a personal level or a financial level for week to week income. Many taxpayers here in East Tennessee, in rural areas, own farms that are homes for families and also bring in the majority of the income for families. It would take farmers an unimaginable amount of time after moving to cultivate the new land and recuperate the same income those residents are accustomed to. Most of the farms in East Tennessee have been maintained, operated, and passed down



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