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The Perfect Breast

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Breast Implants have become popular in today’s society. A breast implant is a fluid or silicone material inside of a sac that replaces a woman’s breast. The implant is used to change the shape, size and form of the breast to your liking. The breast implant procedure is done through cosmetic surgery by a licensed professional. Before the actual surgery date, a consultation is done in order for the surgeon to suit the patient’s best options. The consultation is an examination of the woman’s breast and body shape, giving the physician a chance to analyze. The surgical process is performed in a hospital or surgery center depending on the surgeon, the woman is placed under anesthesia while her breasts are being performed on to avoid any panicking. However, even with a well skilled surgeon you still have to be cautious of your health. The cosmetic surgery does however come with risk, but because of the sexualizing pressure from society women do not consider the problems with breast implants.

The purpose of Breast Implants touches on many aspects. Breast Implants provides happiness, confidence, comfort, sex appeal, medical endorsement or just spousal attention for women. The way society has begun to view women as sex symbols have a huge impact on the way women want to look. Breast Implants have been an option for women since the nineteenth century. Over the years, the acceptance of cosmetic surgery has become popular, due to open opportunities of changing your God given appearance. The image of the perfect breast is in magazines, award shows, social media, occupations, and even college campus; you can’t escape it. Society has truly changed the definition of beauty in regards to a woman. Because of the pressure from society of looking like the celebrities or the models in magazines, women have strongly turned to breast implants to mimic the more popular beauty idols. The walking advertisement of breast implants is celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Brittney Spears, Iggy Azelia, Fergie, Christina Aguilera and many more popular women. The celebrity women are walking dollars for plastic surgeons, and idols for women seeking the “look”. Some women turn to magazines after giving birth to children for tips on how to achieve their sexy back, breast implants is one of the first options they consider. The purpose of breast implants is to have the level of sex appeal that you prefer based on the expectations society has set.

Cosmetic surgery has a certain target group. These groups of women keep cosmetic surgeons wealthy because they have to remain beautiful and youthful and in most cases this means going under the knife. Women of certain public professionals seek breast implants due to always being in the public’s eye for judgment. Women in the porn industry, modeling career, actress, exotic dancer and even housewives are more prone to seeking breast implants than the average woman. This particular group of women leads other average women to having low self-esteem because they don’t look like the beauty



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