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The Outsiders

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"The Outsiders"

The Outsiders had two poems in them, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost, the other poem, "Stay Gold" by Stevie Wonder. Nothing Gold Can Stay has a connection to the movie. I think it belongs in the movie. In this poem when they talk about "Natures first green is gold," it means natures first green is your youth, because, when you go to a new place it is gold, something good happening. When Johnny and Ponyboy killed the Soc they ran away to Windrixville, it was gold meaning it was a great place to be. "Her hardest hue to hold," means that your youth, which is represented by the word hue in this line, is hard to keep, which is represented by the word hold in this line, because you keep growing. Ponyboy and Johnny were 14 and 16 when they ran away to Windrixville and they are kids, however when they are staying by themselves that have to act like adults even though they are kids. "Her early leafs a flower," means that in your youth you are innocent. When Johnny killed the Soc he was innocent because he only did it on self defense. "But only so an hour," means that a young child matures from the young childhood to middle childhood where you start to know the difference between right and wrong.

When Johnny was in the car talking to Dally he realized that he needed to turn himself in. He realized the difference between right and wrong. Turning yourself in is the right thing to do and running is the wrong thing to do. "Then leaf subsides to leaf," this symbolizes how a child matures into adult hood. Johnny showed how much he matured over the past few weeks. "So Eden sank into grief," symbolizes how a child acts like a young teenager. When Johnny and Ponyboy are in the car with Dally they, at first, act like a young teenager but then Johnny starts t act like an adult. "So dawn goes down today," means that the child should no longer need their parents to protect them or make decisions for them. Johnny and Ponyboy had to make the decision on their own whether or not they should turn themselves in or not. "Nothing gold can stay," means that people change and youth will not stay forever. Johnny changed in the church scene. Johnny had always been the quiet type. He showed that when he was a young child, his youth, he was shy but



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