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The Organ Sale

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The organ sale

What is the sale of organs? I wonder enormously about this question and I am certainly not my single person, many people would say that it is just the sale of organs or when persons sell the parts of human body to make money. As for if they would say that this just man of the criminals who make money in the detriments of the life of the others and that it is an organization so well tied up that we would believe almost what they make is noble or humble. Yes all this real but is this property to sell the organs of people to the black walking as if we were in a department store or it thing imports only which we wanted if found, we had simply only to get and to pay.

What does not call question any more it is the opinion of the public towards this practice, if for the others it is an abomination and if it is unnatural, some on the other hand do not totally agree because for them it is not a good thing certainly but it saves lives and that's right the most importing. As for others, it is a very good thing thus we see there that my notices are shared on this practice and really I could not say if it is good or not.

Why people sell human organs it is very clear and it is not even hidden, it is because of money, this need of money who urges people to make that where it is because they are just needy and that is why they make him. I think that this problem is important for me because I want to know what there is to gain to sell organs when they can just give by the voluntary way. It is true that it saves lives, but I think that it is unhealthy and cruel to make of this kind, how agreed to earn money on the lives of sick people who need these organs. The simple thought that people make him makes me sick because I think that the money is not worth the life of a person who needs an organ to live.

First of all what I know of the sale of organs is because people make him for the money not to help their neighbors who need these organs and why they are even ready to kill, for example in a reporting the TV, I saw people who were killed for their organs to be sold in most offrants. I cannot reprimand these persons who buy these organs for their patients, but what they make is not correct because they do not know the conditions in which these organs were found and sold. There are also those who agree to take some money in exchange for their organs, they prefer to make him for some money that by the humanity or by kindness of heart because they is just miserable.

I think that even if this practice is rather badly seen, it saves all the same thousands of lives and that we have to recognize him. Certainly I e says that there is another way of proceeding and that you would not should go to this extremity to help the sick persons who need organs to live. That is why the sale of organs that it is good or by is as all other practices, it has its defects for these inconveniences and that is why I would more like to learn it above.

To begin, the sale of organs is not a good thing because it causes a lot of damage and has negative consequences. The first one is simply that the seller of organ is subjected to an extreme increase of the level of pain and risk because you should not forget the conditions in which his organ was him to take. There is also a relation between the buyer and the seller who is probably going to be exploitative because of the body of the seller because the buyer will pay necessarily for what we ask him more because it is him who is needy thus he will have to accept all that the seller will want, even if it does not arrange him. For example in' "Journal of Medical Ethics" the article dirty ''bodily integrity and the human organs, he said that'' for the sellers of organs sell their organ has $1,000, 000 that certain persons paid it".

And then we know all that this practice is rather bad, that is why we have to put the difference between this practice and the others as her. he is also essential to put the distinction between the ban on new and the ban on existing practices because it is important, is not to show the sale of organs just has not to be morally worse than its other exploitative practices but we have to explain or justify the wide-spread moral intuition



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