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The Moon

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Conclusion on the Moon Watch When I first got this assignment I was thinking I am never going to be able to do this every night for a month. I surprised myself once again. This class has made me doubt myself many times but I always seem to pull myself up to do it. I believe I did very well on this experiment and I achieved the purpose. I got finished and I even added some color. One problem I encountered was not being able to see it because of the trees in my yard. I had to drive a mile up the road to even see the moon. I found it and put down my data. The second problem I encountered was getting everything about the moon everyday. Some days were harder because I missed looking at the moon but I got with other students and I got my information (Without copying someone's data). The third problem was the different times that I had to see the moon. One was earlier in the evening and the moon wasn't there after nine o'clock, some weren't visible until nine thirty, and once, I couldn't see it until the morning. It was just a little hard figuring out what time the moon was going to be visible. This application can be used by actually anyone. We as students can use it to see where the moon is to the earth and where the sun is. Fisherman and Mariners can use the moon watch to know when the fishing is good and when there's high tide and low tide. Researchers can watch the moon phases and watch the different types of craters and valleys and basins there are on the moon. The marks on the moon don't change but the same marks don't show up every night. So far I have liked this experiment the best. I have always been interested in the moon and I loved the opportunity that I have had to watch the moon. I learned something new again and it was fun thanks for picking this experiment. I really love this class.



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