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The Me

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The leaves are changing their color and it wasn’t but a couple of months ago when you graduated high school. Now, here you are, off to another life-altering adventure. Off to your first day of college and the anxiety seems to be boiling up inside you. Yet, you’ve your reasons for venturing offвЂ"this decision has been one in the making for years and the day has finally arrived to set off. Despite which college or university, you have your reasons for attending and you intend to accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish.

I am no exception to this concept. In fact, my reasons for attending college are for the most part, straight forward; to be candor, I intend to be a success story. I’ve experienced first-hand encounters with those lacking a college education and I know the struggles they face. Though a college degree does not guarantee an easy life, it can be a crucial key to opening doors and allowing means for success. Once out into the real world, one comes to realized that nothing is a bed of roses and no one will hand you want you want on a silver platter. Achieving goals takes rigorous work and undying commitment. One must be willing to put forth the effort required to get where they want to be. College is just another tunnel I have to pass through in order to get to my final destination. If that means sacrificing the things I am fond of and stepping outside of my comfort zone, that’s what’ll happen.

Though my dream may only be to have a common career, it is most surely a rewarding career both financially and personally. College is a major aspect is approaching the level of accomplishment that I’ve personally set for myself. I’m ready and willing to execute all the required actions to get to where I want to be and I refuse to settle for less. Finally, call it my large male-ego, but accomplishment in my terms is having the ability to truthfully declare that with hard work, devotion, and the help of others, I was able to tackle every hindrance that made themselves known in my pathway to success. College is not an obstacle but merely an exercise, strengthening me and increasing my endurance for the real worldвЂ"a world of whom is unwilling to compromise or step aside for anyone including myself. If I’m going to get where I’m going, it’ll be my hard work and discipline of which



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