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The Many Forms of Terrorism

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Essay Preview: The Many Forms of Terrorism

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I'm sorry for any roundabouting in the paper but had to type it at 1:30am.


The Many Forms of Terrorism

Terrorism by definition means, (threats of) violent action for political purposes. It is important to understand what terrorism means. Terrorism can be labeled under violence but in fact it's much more dangerous then the shootings that go around town. No acts of violence should be ignored but Terrorism needs to be acted upon.

Terrorism is on an up rise. The chance of a war against another world power is very unlikely. The only true world power is the United States. NATO does bring many countries together but the US, because of its economy, is the world leader today. A war against terrorism is a sure thing. A prediction of the future from the NSA(.gov) states that the chances of certain terrorist groups coming together in order to fight for a similar cause is great. If this happens the war against terrorism will not be fought in some foreign country. It will be fought in our back yards. International terrorism, terrorism between two countries or major groups, and will become Urban Terrorism. Urban Terrorism is a terrorist act in one's own country. An example would be the World Trade Center bombing.

In the recent news Osama bin Laden has struck again. Laden is only one example of a terrorist group. He heads and owns the International Front for Jihad. He wants to exterminate all Christians and replace the world with the Muslim religion.

Laden is one of the most dangerous terrorists in this age. He is in the top ten of the world's richest people and can buy anything he needs to help achieve his goal. He is also very hard to damage. The recent skid missal attacks failed to achieve their true goal. They were to take out Laden's immense financial resources. And kill him while they were at it if possible. The missals inflicted damage to a very small part of Laden's resources. His resources are spread out in so many different countries and ways that tracking down and destroying his financial assets is hopeless. He will continue to kill Americans until he or Christians with the US die.

If the US sends missals to destroy something then they better destroy it. Laden is only going to strike more now because he has



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