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The Laws of Truth and Lies

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The basic laws of truth and lies.

A lie is okay when it is to protect something that is positive without reprocussion.

The truth is not okay when it gives people unnecessary information.

when lying is okay; Official findings:

1. Lying to people who have more power than you in order to safeguard positive events.

ex I. Mother, "Son did you go hang out with your druggie friend I told you not to visit?" Son, "No, I was riding my bike."

justification: The mother wants to keep the son away from this guy because she is afraid the son will do drugs. If the son knows he doesn't won't do drugs, and is otherwise safe, it is justifyable. The mother is using her power abusively, because her wish is based on false information that the son wants to do drugs.

ex II. Teacher, "Jon, did you read pages 10-14 yesterday?"

Jon, "Yes, I did."

Justification: If Jon already knows the subject thurroughly, and will not be graded on it, lying becomes justifyable because the teacher will fail him missing the point he already knew the text.


2. Lying to protect personal information.

ex I. "Do you masturbate?"


Justification: The question is invasive and the response is to protect one's integrity. There is no bad that can come out of a lie where you are avoiding embarrassment

in answering an offensive question.

Any of these rules become void when more lies have to be told to protect a previous lie.

When lying is not okay: Official Findings:

1. Lying about your opinion.

ex 1. "Do I look good in this dress?"

"Yes, just beautiful"

Reasoning: The lie will cause the girl to think the dress is good looking and cause her to base her decisions on that opinion. She could wear it in public looking like a freak because of this lie.



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