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The Lake

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The Lake

It was early July and my friend Chad and I decided to join his family at the lake.

Chad's family was already up at the lake, and had some extra room in the condo. So we

figured, what the hell, we could go for some boating. Right.

The lake the only about a two-hour drive away. We were driving in Chad's

father's convertible sports car, so the drive was quite pleasant. We drove through

twisting canyons and long straight roads going just slightly over the speed limit. We

arrived at our destination at record-breaking time, which didn't seem to make his parents

too happy. Along with Chad's family, which consists of four brothers and one sister,

were some neighbor friends of theirs and their five-year-old son Nick. The rest of the

day was spent miniature golfing and playing catch with Chad's little brothers.

On the following morning we went with Chad's parents to rent the boat. We got

the boat and loaded it up with the gear. We broke the family into groups so each one

could have their own time on the boat. Our group was the one that wanted to ski, wake

board, ride on the tube, and throw each other off the tube. The other group consisted of

people that either didn't want to ski or were too young. All the younger kids were in this

group. Our group was the first to have the boat. We spent hours and hours out on the

lake and had an awesome time, even though I got one of the worst sunburns in my life.

We returned with the boat so the other group could take their turn. As the second group

left on the boat we decided to just go lounge in the swimming pool.

After about a half-hour, Chad's mom came running in and said they had an

accident with the boat and that little Nick was knocked unconscious. We ran from the

pool to see what exactly happened. Chad's sister told us that another boat was traveling

way too fast in the no-wake zone while not paying attention and struck the front of

our boat. When the boats collided it took everyone a few minutes to notice that Nick was

lying face down on the floor of the boat. Panic arose when his mother noticed him lying

there motionless. It turned out the other boat actually hit this little boy in the head when

they collided. We were all in shock that something like this could happen. The



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