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The Jungle

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The Jungle

By: Upton Sinclair

The story opens with the feast at Jurgis and Ona's wedding in America, but soon flashes back to the time before they left Lithuania. Jurgis met Ona at a horse fair, and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, they were too poor to have a wedding, since Ona's father just died. In the hopes of finding freedom and fortune, they left for America, bringing many members of Ona's family with them.

During time in America, Jurgis and his wife was getting robbed. They work their butt off, so they can earn money for the family, but they can't even support themselves. The person at work was robbing Jurgis by taking out of what he was earning. Know one could do anything about it because everybody was doing the same system. After awhile working there, if you complain they will replace you for some one else. Working hard won't get them know where, only way to increase their money is to cheat your way to wealth. Ever since Jurgis and his family move to America nothing good happen, America straight robbed them for all they had.

Jurgis Rudkus - Lithuanian, Work Hard, Loves Ona

Ona Lukoszaite - Lithuanian, Loves Jurgis

Antanas - Son of Jurgis and Ona

Mike Scully - Powerful Political Leader

Connor Ð'- A foreman in Packingtown

Jack Duane Ð'- Politically connected, Educated Criminal

Ostrinski Ð'- Half blind tailor, teaches Jurgis about socialism

When Jurgis left Packingtown, he lived by selfishness, and bribery. When Jurgis switched to this amoral lifestyle, he finally became successful. The foremen of Packingtown also lived by corruption. They fired union members, cheated people out of their pay, and required "gifts" before hiring people. When a foreman's boss learned of this, he required "gifts" from the foreman to keep quiet. The police were also corrupt. They let robbers go, and demanded a percentage of what the robbers had



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