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The Joy of Death

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Terror rose in my blood. My veins pumping, moving out of control as I hear the restless mad man next door to my chamber. The past eight days I have noticed this man who indeed lies next door to me gendering at my glass eye. One time I even caught a look of disgust coming from him as I walked past his room from the bathroom. I wonder if he knows that it is indeed a fake eye of sight or if he thinks I'm just an old man who has lots of fortune and is confused, weak, and weary of my surroundings. Does he plan to take my money? Or does he plan to kill me and use my name and my fortune in vain. I hear sounds coming from my chamber door, screeching sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard going back and fourth. Or are my ears playing tricks on me? Or am I indeed dreaming of all of this and I will awake when the climax hits. Then out of the shadow of the chamber door a circle shaped figure inches out slowly, I didn't want to look and rise in bed afraid that the figure might hurt me in any way. I stay spread on my bed not moving an inch and not breathing a single strand of air fearing I might miss a sound that might come out of the figure and not knowing what will happen next. I try to remember where I left the key to my fortune and if it is locked up safely. My heart beats rapidly harder and harder each time the figure inches closer to me close and closer. There the creature stand next to me I can feel his breath hang over me as the taste of wine coming from his mouth vapors the room and wafts its way to mine. Maybe this is my time to leave this dreadful earth of death and horror. Horror haunts me as I.......



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