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The Issues of Refugee’s Populations

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Essay Preview: The Issues of Refugee’s Populations

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The issues of refugee’s populations is an issue that requires the blind judgment of a humanitarian with a strictly logical mind set. I have both of these qualities with a passion for human rights. I have had a passion for human right since I first told I could not do something because I wasn’t a boy. From that first idea I have grown to know the firm fact that there is no difference between any two people besides the situations life had put them in. with this understanding I want to address the very global issue of how to maintained and care for the refugees fleeing from disastrous situations, this is not limited to those fleeing war torn countries but rather the more prevalent urban refugee issue of today.

        Often in these discussions one of two things happen that deters practical solutions. One being that those discussing the issue become too distant from the real life situation and the solutions become the same of those a cattle farmer about his live stock. My humanitarian beliefs are a part of me that will never fade, this being so I can make critical decisions without degrading the displaced people to live stock. Specifically within the committee this also allows me a more understanding perspective when negotiating with those who have personal connections to the issue. The second issue that happens is those who do not lose their site of humanity often become impractical and overly dramatic. Many people will go at this issue without an understanding that these thousands of people are costs to their country and can’t all be given full amenities like its nothing. I am a person raised with logic and understanding of the limits of reality. Many forget that budgets need to be considered when discussing the issues of refugees. I have practice working with budgets and have logical perspective that allows me to find solutions that are reasonable for various parties of this argument.

 My personality and strong morals enable me to be a great representative of our country in the United Nations high commissioner for refugees committee. It is natural for me to look at this issue enabling me to reason with those of both sides of the argument.

Thank you for your time honorable chair, from your loyal representative of the prod country of Ethiopia.

Growing up with all brothers I have I have had an understanding of human rights and what it means to not be seen as an equal since a very young age. From my first plight to prove my equality to my brothers I have continuously fought for all human rights, including those for minorities other than my own. I have personal experience fighting for equal rights of the homosexual community both in my school and my home city of Fort Wayne. This oddly enough is very similar to the plight of those dealing with who identify as a citizen of an un recognized country, currently in the often those who identify as having a different sexuality then the standard recognized heterosexual males and females are left un recognized and at this result in the loss of their human rights. This may not be a reflection of Ethiopia’s views but it does not have to be because it gives me the unique perspective to better argue the thought and ideals of the great country of Ethiopia. It would make me extremely happy being part of this discussion to research the different solutions to this issue.



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