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The Iraq War

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The Iraq War

The Iraq war, probably one of the most controversy topics of the last 2 years.

There are many people that believe that the war wasn't totally needed and that George W.

Bush just wanted to finish what his Dad, George Bush did not. I on the other hand believe

that the war was needed because, it took Saddam Hussein out of power, it was another

step in the war against terrorism and it is going to make Iraq a free and democratic


"Removing Saddam Hussein would liberate the Iraqi peoples energy and talents so

that they maybe directed towards good, not evil." (Franke 150). Removing Saddam

Hussein is quite possibly The most important reason for the war in Iraq. Saddam had

been a dictator (He called himself a president, but very much wasn't one) for many years.

During all his time running Iraq Saddam showed lack of care for any human life. On

March 16, 1988 Saddam Hussein's forces dropped mustard gas and other toxic gases and

possibly chemicals on Halabja, Iraq killing 5,000 of his own people and the population still

suffers high rates of cancer, miscarriages and genetic abnormalities to this very day

(Hughes 1). That is not all Saddams regime has done! Since the regimes overthrow in

May 2003 270 mass graves have been reported in Iraq. Human rights suspect that as

many as 290,000 Iraqi Citizens may have "Disappeared" by the Iraqi government over the

past 20 years. "In one year or five years the power of Iraq to inflict harm on all free

nations would be multiplied many times over." (Bush 25). This is very true, the Iraqi

regime has a deep hatred for America and our friends, and even if we did not find any

weapons of mass destruction the war is still justified, having another attack like the one on

the two world trade centers and the pentagon would not be a good thing and action needs

to be taken against all countries that pose a threat or a possibility to carry out such an


The war in Iraq is also a key point in the war against terrorism. Fighting Terrorism

could never work out with Saddam Hussein in power and the possibly threat of him

having weapons of mass destruction ready for use at any time and with him also

controlling and influencing a large portion of the Middle East it would have complicated

things even further. According to president George W. Bush Iraq has also been used to

train the terrorism group Al Queda. The president also says that Iraq harbored terrorists

from Al Queda and different terrorist organizations. The war also shows to other

countries that are doing the things Iraq did that the United States is serious about putting

an end to terrorists and terrorism. It proves to them that the United States will take action

against countries



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