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The Internet Should Be Free from All Government Control

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Essay Preview: The Internet Should Be Free from All Government Control

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The internet was invented in the 1960s by the American Defense Department when it was called �Arpanet’. It is very useful for everyday life because you can find out lots of things and talk to your friends. Some people argue that the internet should be free from all government control. They argue that government control could kill the internet. Other people disagree. I agree that the internet should not be controlled by the government.

The internet is a packet switched network, consisting of many different networks connecting together. The name �internet’ actually means �inter-network’ and refers to the connections between the networks. The World Wide Web is different. It is a system using HTTP and HTML on top of the internet. Most internet hosts are in America.

Most people in the world use the internet nowadays. In some countries, such as France, the government controls what people can see on the internet. I don’t think this is a good idea, because in all the countries where the internet is controlled by the government, the internet is not developed, and the country is poorer.

The internet needs to be free to develop e-commerce. E-commerce can help the industry in a country to develop. In South Korea, where the internet is well developed, economic growth in recent years has been 7% per year, which is a very high rate.

вЂ?’We cannot overestimate the importance of the internet. A free and open internet is the basis for a free and open society. The internet provides many opportunities to strengthen democracies through the spread of information, blogging, and e-government. In fact, modern governments should be embracing the openness of the internet to get feedback from their people, so that democratic governments can more quickly respond to the desires of their electorate.” (Christopher, E, 2004)

Even if the government tries to control the internet, there are many ways in which people can get round government controls. You can easily find programs on the internet so that you can visit sites that the government does not want you to see. This means that the argument that you should not control the internet is wrong.

Some people say that the government should control the internet. There are many things on the internet that are bad for society, such



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