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The Importance of the Female Self Image

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Essay Preview: The Importance of the Female Self Image

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The Importance of the Female Self Image

There is an overwhelming amount of males in today's youth that practice disrespectful behaviors towards women because of the lack of respect females have for themselves shown by their exploitation in the media. These sorts of behaviors are detrimental to family life, the upbringing of children, the foundations of marriage, and societies view on the quality of life. These issues are extremely evident through today's popularity of promiscuous activity. People of all ages can see that various modern forms of media are promoting an increase of sexual behavior to viewers. Sex and relationships are no longer valued or perceived as women are exploited more extremely today than anytime ever before and they are at fault for allowing the "domino effect" of events that follow.

Society tells us to look for happiness in ways that give us pleasure. The problem with this is that we are losing sight of the tenderness, commitment, compassion, and love that can take place between a man and a woman. Man and woman complement one another in physical and emotional ways that are suitable to the survival of our race. As our American culture progresses through time we are slowly forgetting what once existed between the sexes. The concept of having sex with someone for reasons other than lust are being lost and the line for the number of sexual encounters that is acceptable is no longer visible.

Promiscuity in men may cheapen love but can sharpen thought while promiscuous women are like an illness. They show a loss in identity for themselves and the destruction of a perk of life with beautiful intentions. Women that sleep around end up losing all that is feminine and idealistic inside of them. Womankind is supposed to be the backbone of society but they are letting that expectation backfire by failing to meet their natural standards. They are expected to be the sex that brings life to humankind and assumes the natural motherly responsibilities that follow.

Promiscuity in woman originates by the way that they view themselves and their worth as a woman. Some women's self esteem is so low that they will involve themselves in sexual relations with a man because society tells them that their self worth revolves around who will sleep with them. This pressure caused by present day media is skewing women's opinion of themselves and the females around them. Everything about American culture is telling them to be sexier and that the world demands that from them. This expectation poisons female's minds and uses it against them. Women begin to aim so hard on pleasing others that they begin to destroy their image and lose the ability to eventually complete their natural motherly duties successfully.

Modern day women no longer value these responsibilities and they are failing to fulfill their duties as mothers. Women argue that men are impregnating young mothers and not fulfilling their fatherly roles, but this problem is easily avoidable by the woman. If they weren't living such promiscuous lifestyles than the problem of having children out of wedlock with non-existent fathers wouldn't exist. Woman with multiple children from multiple fathers would not be complaining about needing child support from either the fathers or the government. If women are the backbone of society than they need less sexual relationships to take care of whatever children they may already have so that the future of society's youth has a more mature idea of the quality of life.

It is up to women to control sexual behaviors because of their weaker sex drive than males. Women are naturally more temperamental when it comes to giving up their reproductive parts to a male that they are attracted to. "Sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to environment and context," says Edward O. Laumann, PhD, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago and lead author of a major survey of sexual practices, The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States. Laumann believes than the male mind focuses more time on sex and that they seek intercourse more avidly than females. Men are not forced to have sex by their minds but naturally it is more difficult to resist the urges than females. These natural behaviors make it imperative for females to respect themselves and practice monogamous relationships so that they can keep males in check.

Males are becoming accustomed to showing women disrespect and still getting what they want from them because of the neediness of new sexual pleasure in present day young females. Promiscuity alone has an exponential cultural effect that leads to disrespectful and inappropriate sexual relations between both sexes. Promiscuity is defined as the practice of making casual, indiscriminate choices. Commonly, promiscuity is applied to the sexual behavior of a man or woman who does not limit his or her sex life by the structures of the "regnant cultural norm", typically one sexual partner or lover, or to a long-term, monogamous sexual relationship. Unfortunately, the "regnant cultural norm" for women is beginning to take a turn by telling them to have sexual relations with whoever fits her taste so that she can experience as much sex as possible to increase her self-worth.

Women who do not practice monogamous relationships are causing an acceptance of a polygamy-like behavior in American culture. A woman is showing little care of who would be the father of her child when she is not cautious of whom she is having intercourse with. Men are therefore accepting the fact that they can have all the casual sex they want because of its availability. The future of man will become so accustomed to sexual disrespect and the ignorance of the importance of heterosexual relationships if women aren't controlling sexual activity. This ignorance is what causes a child to have little guidance during adolescent years. The lack of guidance from a worthy adult only increases the possibility of the child to learn nothing of the importance of parenting a child. This causes a chain reaction effect of adolescents having children who continue to care little about rearing a child.

Having numerous mates of the opposite sex is unnatural for humankind and detrimental to the upbringing of children. Although most mammals reproduce by one dominant male impregnating a harem of females, human beings do not fall under this lifestyle. It is a disgrace to humanity to argue that we should live like primitive mammals. Polygamy and promiscuity are not natural ways of life yet society and the media continue to portray them as "cultural norms". People are not born strong and independent like other animals. They need tender individual care and nurturing from their mothers



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