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The Impact of Student Housing Pattern to the Academic Performance

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Essay Preview: The Impact of Student Housing Pattern to the Academic Performance

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Academic Writing and Research

     The Impact of Student Housing Pattern to The Academic Performance




  1. Introduction:

This survey is focus on what factors influence student housing choosing. We have read several articles, and they indicate that factors like location, price and facilities influence students’ choice. Other articles also indicate that some factors may influence student academic success. We grow interest in this topic. We want to find out that which factors will influence students’ choice, do they face to financial constraint?  Do they prefer to live along and why they choice that? Do living with other improve their academic success?

  •  Literature review:

There are many articles that focus on this topic. Wu and DeVriese (2016) stated that five main factors, including location, price, facilities, security and personnel influence students’ choosing. Cost is critical to student decisions, even more important than safety. Cheskis-Gold, Danahy (2012) pointed out that graduate students prefer to live in campus for the convenience. Students’ preference for privacy is increasing too. Singh (2017) believed that the successful students share the same housing pattern. Furthermore, he stated that the university culture affects the student choice when they consider the on-campus housing.

According to our interest, we developed our questionnaire. The questionnaire concluding 11 questions. We send this questionnaire among graduate students and get 83 answers back. 

  1. Methodology:

  • Explanation:

The purpose of this report was to investigate the housing pattern at The George Washington University (GWU). The data that were collocated are from online resources, journals and articles that are relevant to the subject.  We looked for the factors that affect student housing decisions and the reasons behind the factors that they consider. Moreover, we did a survey to the recognize housing pattern within The George Washington University student. We asked Several questions about what is now considered as reasonable rend, how do they evaluate the apartment, and if location and transportation are considered an imperative factor when they select their apartments.  Furthermore, we make sure to ask whether they believe that housing choice impact their academic performance.  

  • Research Instrument:

Our main research tool was a survey that we did in the GWU campus. We asked about the how much they are willing to pay monthly, and we asked them about whether or not they prefer to have a roommate. Also, we asked about what they think about the Location, and if they want to be close to campus. Moreover, we asked about how long they spend in transportation. Moreover, we asked them if housing impact to their academic performance. After reading through several resources, it has been realized that there is an unlimited amount of information about Housing pattern. Therefore, it was easy to get a lot of data. However, a lot of reading was required as well. After sifting through data from, Google Scholar and The George Washington University E-library conclusive set of information was gathered. The research was focused on gathering data about “Student Housing Pattern” , “Academic success Factors”, “Frontier perspectives and insights into higher education student success” and prevailing ‘trends’ that affect student performance .

  • Population:

We focused on the GWU students between the age of 20 and 27. The reason why we did that because we want to evaluate the postgraduation perception since most undergraduate live in the university campus.


  1. Findings & Implications


Off the simple, 44% of them are female, 56% of them are male. Form the data, we can see that the number of male students is slighter larger than female, so the influence of sex ratio should be considered. For example, female students may prefer privacy more, so they prefer to live along.

About 70 percent students choose to live off campus apartments. This might because we mainly investigate about graduate students. Next part is home and town house. Only very small part of students chooses to live on campus. It shows that students still prefer to live off campus.



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