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The Impact of Environmental Protection Inspection on People Daily Life

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Essay Preview: The Impact of Environmental Protection Inspection on People Daily Life

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The Impact of Environmental Protection Inspection

on People Daily Life



Although the rapid development of the economy has brought wealth, it has also brought many environmental problems. In 2016, Chengdu lasted 2 to 3 months of severe haze. In order to bring a good living environment for the citizens, the environmental protection department of Chengdu has carried out a major environmental inspection.

In the course of inspection, air quality has been better improved, but it also has some influence on people's life and work. This paper is to discuss the environmental inspection effect on people's life and work, it is mainly divided into two parts, the first part introduces the environmental quality monitoring and pollution source monitoring, the second part discusses the environmental inspection impact on people's lives and people's awareness of environmental protection.

We mainly adopted questionnaire and Consisting of twelve questions, to figure out the opinion and attitude toward recent measures on Environmental protection of the public. In our survey, the impact of about three people, the first one is engaged in the service industry and the manufacturing industry, the main effect is to bring them the salary second; are buyers, environmental inspections had no direct effect on them, mainly because the influence of service industry and the manufacturing industry closed, rising prices, and they need to bear part of the price; third to the elderly, children, environmental inspections impact is positive, they don't need too much to bear price increases the cost, but get a good living environment.

Keywords: Environmental inspection, person life

The Impact of Environmental Protection Inspection

on People Daily Life

The rapid development of the economy has brought many opportunities and wealth to Chengdu, but it has also brought about environmental problems. In all environmental problems, the problem of air pollution is particularly serious, the haze problem was strongly influenced by the reaction of many main group. So in August 2017, the environmental inspection team of Sichuan province carried out environmental inspection to Chengdu.

In this environmental inspection, the environmental supervision group of Sichuan province is inspected from two aspects. The first is to test the quality of the environment, mainly from the quantity of water and gas. On the detection of water quality, Chengdu city more than 37 county sewage treatment plant, 19 processing capacity exceeds the design capacity, production and sewage collection pipe network contradiction, sewer network fault occurs, the sewage pipe network with common pressure operation, causing sewage straight row. The gas detection, atmospheric pollution prevention effect is poor, heavy-duty diesel vehicles and a large number of non road mobile machinery pollution and lack of effective supervision; the existing Chengdu motor vehicle ownership up to more than 460 vehicles, emissions increased sharply, larger contribution to regional environmental deterioration of air quality. The treatment of volatile organic compounds is slow. More than 850 coal-fired boilers and more than 200 biomass boilers have not been eliminated in the city. Two or three the construction site of the two or three circle did not fully implement the dustproof measures required by the detailed rules for the implementation of the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in the province. In the monitoring of pollution sources, it is mainly from the monitoring of pollutant emission and the production, storage, processing and utilization of solid waste. In the survey, some living garbage transfer stations and compression station leachate in the urban area are discharged through the rain water pipe. The waste lacquer residue, waste organic solvent and waste lead acid battery are not included in the hazardous waste to be managed effectively in some 4S stores and motor vehicle maintenance enterprises. The emergency response of heavy polluted weather in Xin Jin is poor. In Huai Kou, Jin Tang County, there are no examination and approval procedures, no pollution control facilities such as the collection and treatment of leachate. There are still more than 1300 livestock and poultry farms (residential areas) that need to be shut down or relocated in the city's prohibited areas, and the environmental problems are outstanding.



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