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The Green House Effect

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The greenhouse effect issue is the warming of the earth's surface and lower atmosphere because of the presence of certain gases in the air. It is a problem because of infrared radiation. It gets directed back to the earth , and it further warms the earth's surface and lower atmosphere.

It is a controversial issue because many people think that the greenhouse effect isn't going to do anything and some people think they are sure that they are right. But other people are sure that if we don't do something about it, it will become a really big issue.

Scientists are finding many useful ways to reduce the greenhouse effect. One of the best ways is to limit energy consumption. Everything requires energy to produce, and dispose. We can start planting more trees and other plants. “Plants absorb CO2 for photosynthesis, since CO2 is a greenhouse gas, the more plants that are drawing in CO2, the greater reduction of the greenhouse effect” (Hamel, 3).

In addition, we can plant large trees, larger trees mean more shade. So during a hot summer You won't have as much heat because there will be shade. Therefore you won't need to use your air conditioner, and that reduces energy consumption.

In conclusion, if people don't make major changes to reduce the greenhouse effect emissions there will be a 4.7-8.6oF rise in average surface temperature by 2100. My Opinion of this issue is, I think it is a real issue that can negatively affect the Earth. Some of the things that I can can be done to minimize or resolve this issue is what I said in the third paragraph, all of those ways are things we can do everyday and it can help the earth live even longer.

This is a picture to help understand how much carbon dioxide many things put into our air.

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