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The Greatest Salesman Chapter 1-4

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Essay Preview: The Greatest Salesman Chapter 1-4

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The story starts with Hafid, an old rich man staring himself on the mirror, realizing how old he is; that only his eyes stayed young. Then suddenly he moved away from the mirror and walked across his fancy palace and entered his garden where his book keeper, Erasmuse were staying. Hafid asked Erasmus about how much wealth they had accumulated in their treasury and how many gold eould it be of they will sell all purchased goods in their inventory. After all the amount has been calculated, Hafid ordered Erasmus to ready all the documents and give each emperium to whom it manages. And Hafid told Erasmus to transfer 50 gold talents, the palace and an emperium to him. But it's not just that.

Hafid asked Erasmus to come with him to a secret room he was hiding the whole time. Erasmus thought that the room was composed of more precious treasure like diamonds but the room just contained chest. Inside the chest were leather scrolls. The principles or laws on how to become the greatest salesman were written there. Erasmus asked Hafid why he didn't tell anybody about the scrolls and Hafid answered that he made a promise to the person who gave it to him that he will just tell it to someone who he thinks is deserving for the scrolls and Hapid told Erasmus that it was he to inherit the scrolls.

After they talked, Hafid went to the rooptop of his palace and by then he remembers his journey how he became the greatest salesman. Hafid was just a camel boy when he was youbger and Pathros, the original owner of the scrolls helped him a lot. Pathros gave Hafid his first tasks to be a salesman. He ordered Hafid to go to Silvio and get the robe that we will sell. After that Pathros told him to go to Betlehem to sell the robe. After days of waiting, no one was actually interested to buy the robe until he gets into a cave and then he sawchild together with his family; that were cold because they just have thin clothing. Hafid gave the robe to the strange child. Then he went to Pathros gave the scrolls to Hafid and he told him not to tell it to anyone unless he thinks that person deserves and is a potential to be the greatest salesman.



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