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The Great Depression

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Maybe You Haven't Come Such a Long Way Baby

It's Time To Close the Wage Gap and End Gender Discrimination

Equal pay for both men and women has been the law since 1963 but even now, 41 years late, women are still paid less than men. Ins 2002, despite the fact women have similar knowledge, education, and experience, they were paid 77 cents for every dollar a man received. Over a lifetime this injustice begins to add up. Today , the average 25 year-old working woman will lose more than $523,000 to the wage gao in her working life. This is an issue affecting al women regardless of their chosen career path. But, it is not only women who suffer from this inequality; rather it affects the entire working family, as well as men who chose occupations typically dominated by women. To fully grasp the severity of this issue it is important to also understand why the wage gap exists,


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