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The Great Awakening

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Identify the major reform movements of the Second Great Awakening. To what extent were reformers during the Second Great awakening successful in achieving their goals?

The reformers of the Great Awakening were very effective in achieving their goals due to their future advancements, and the major reform movements included reforms in abolition, Women's rights, and Temperance. The abolition movement spread the idea that that slavery was wrong. It would eventually lead to the outlaw of slavery during the Civil War. The women's rights movement was started during the 2nd Great Awakening, and will lead to rights that women of today have. Alcohol abuse caused a strong belief for the temperance and would later start the strong prohibition movement.

The abolition movement was strongly reinforced during the Second Great Awakening, and was successful in spreading the idea that slavery was wrong. The American colonization society was formed with moderate abolitionists. This included the prominent Northerners and Southerners who thought emancipation would create too many free blacks. They felt that blacks and whites could not coexist, so they had they idea of recolonization. This would take blacks and take them back to Africa. This was very unsuccessful. Then another group, the radical American Anti-Slavery Society, was formed which had the idea of immediate emancipation of all slaves. There was also a lot of anti-slavery literature of the time. Such pieces were The American Slavery as It Is written by Theodore Dwight Weld and was the most effective abolitionist work. Another was The Liberator, a militant antislavery newspaper in Boston created by William Lloyd Garrison. The abolition movement was supported by these societies and works of literature which would lead the way for the outlaw of slavery during the Civil War.




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