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The Gospel According to Mark

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The Spanish Christ

Baltasar Espinosa is Borges "Spanish Christ." The Gospel of Mark written by Jorge Luis Borges, is ironically connected to the life of our Christ. There are many cosmic ironies in this portrayal being made through Espinosa. The ripe age of 33; a beard; the eagerness to listen and obey; and the pet lamb are all ironic, seeing how they all relate and are some of the very same characteristics our Christ had.

Espinosa a medical student, is traveling to La Colorada in Argentina, at the age of 33. Christ was traveling to his death in Jerusalem, at the ripe age of 33. This is very odd, in that both will be the same age when they die. They both are older, and have seen most of all the ways of the world. This may or may not be significant to the role Espinosa plays with the Gutre's. Like Christ, his age is bringing him more and more respect. If he is any younger the Gutre's may reject him, due to the lack of years and wisdom. Age is experience.

Visiting Daniel at La Colorada, is starting to give Espinosa a new attitude. He begins to grow a beard and admires it in his mirror. Day by day, the beard gives Espinosa a feeling of authority. Christ is visualized as having a beard. This beard helps make the person wearing it look older and wiser. It causes the three Gutre's to admire him and what he is saying.

The Gutre's add to this cosmic irony also. The eagerness to follow, listen, and obey Espinosa, show that he is a good speaker and a kindred spirit. Espinosa reads the English bible to his followers. They respond quickly with eagerness. They never hesitate to do as they are told. They are related to Christ's followers. His followers followed Him everywhere and begged to do His bidding. This normally only happens to people who apparently have or do something special. People tend to follow a kind and humble leader.

The pet lamb which the girl owns is hurt by a barb wire fence and is healed by Espinosa. The Gutre's probably thought that Espinosa could do miracles, like Christ. During Christ's time Him and his apostles performed miracles such as healing blind, ill, and demon-possed. In the bible the lamb is the symbol for purity. The Gutre's except for the girl see him as a pure sinless man who greatly resembles Christ. Leading him to his death.

As they listen to the words in the gospel of Mark



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