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The Good Life

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The Good Life

Question 1: How can "the good life" be lived well? Explain your position, first by defining the term and then by presenting your own view within the context of the sources.

"The good life" is a life where others look upon you and might even envy you for your happiness and success. It is the stage of life, if you are lucky enough to witness it, where you don't have to worry about money issues. You can go out and buy some of the things you might not need but truly want. The good life is everyone's goal. A well lived "good life" according to the philpsophies of Andrew Carneigie and Bertrand Russell is when you can afford to help others while still being stable yourself.

According to Carneigie, in order to live the full potential of the "good life" not only by donating to charities but being smart about where and who your donations go to. In bestowing in charity, the main purpose is to help someone who is willing to help themselves. The witnesses of the "good life" can easily say and feel good about helping a homeless person on the streets just by giving them some cash. But what that money really goes to? Who really knows. Some would buy food to satisfy their hunger, others would use it to satisfy their additction. While having the admirable good heart of bestowing in a charities or helping a homeless person out, the true "good life" is to help someone who wants to be helped.

In the prespectives of Russell, the good life is presumed easy because you are stable enough to help others out. Many assume that the good life's motto is that love so be selfless. Russell disagrees. In order to be happy in the "good life" you need to be selfish to an extent. Some will give and give and give until they are no longer able to, and that is when they themselves lose their own "good life". In order to maintian the "good life" you need to put your own happiness first, to an extent. Make sure that whatever you give won't bite you later on in the future, remember to keep a stale life yourself.

"The good life" is presummed to be every human's dream. And that is not doubted. The good life is less stressful. You can buy everything you need and even the items you want. Also you can give back to your community and help others.



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