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The Glorified Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Essay Preview: The Glorified Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The Glorified Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Paul Duris

May 21, 2005

Ms. Hammerman

Period 3

"How'd you figure that out Sherlock?" This is an expression used today, in complete sarcasm of course. Some people don't realize where this came from. Ultimately it came from the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was born in Scotland, raised in the medical field, even became a doctor and slowly transgressed to be one of the most remembered and well known writers of all time, and handsomely paid of course.

Arthur Ignatius Conan Dolye was brought into this world on May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh Scotland. Doyle was raised in a prosperous Christian-Irish family. His father, Stricken with alcoholism, was the only member of the family who did nothing of importance with his life. (

At the age of nine wealthy members of his family paved the way for Doyle's success by paying for his schooling. Doyle entered a Jesuit boarding school, which was complete agony, and the only happiness he had is when he wrote to his mother. While in the boarding school Doyle discovered he was a natural at storytelling usually finding himself engulfed by a crowd of younger students eager to listen to the stories he conjured. Doyle graduated in 1976 at the age of seventeen. He had a sense of humor and sensibility in sportsmanship. (

The year 1976 is one of the most important years of Doyle's life. His father Charles Doyle is admitted to a nursing facility to treat his alcoholism. More importantly while attending a medical school in Edinburgh Doyle meets a doctor. Dr. Joseph Bell, otherwise known as the inspiration for the infamous character Sherlock Holmes. (

After Doyle's studies in medicine he took his education and applied it to a career. He began work in 1880 when he was hired as a ship surgeon onboard the Greenland whaler "Hope." In 1881 Doyle earned himself A Bachelor of Medicine and Master surgery. He again works at sea as a shipboard medical officer on the steamboat "Mayumba." (

1888, The most important year of Doyle's life. The first book that contained the infamous character Sherlock Holmes is composed and "A Study in Scarlet" is written. In the book Holmes uses his amazing intellect and seemingly magical powers along with his "sidekick" Dr. Watson, who narrates many of the Holmes stories to solve complex

Crimes. (Woods 100-101) Holmes and Watson together reside at 221B Baker St., and because of this residence is the most popular street in all of London. (

Doyle wrote Sherlock into a few other novels. Novels such as "The Sign of Four" published in 1890, "The Hound of the Baskervilles" published in 1902, and "The Valley of Fear" published in 1914. Doyle and Holmes are not as well known for the novel appearance but in the appearance of short stories published in a magazine. (Woods 101)

Appearing dominantly in "The Strand" magazine Doyle became famous very quickly. The fame started with the first short story published in "The Strand" dubbed "A Scandal in Bohemia." People even became emotionally involved with Sherlock Holmes. Doyle became tired of writing about Holmes and tried to end the series by letting Holmes die in the short story "The Adventure of the Final Problem." (Woods 102) He wanted to end the Holmes stories not only because of his loss of interest but because of his second

wife who was in declining health. During the recession of Holmes, Doyle visited the United States on a lecture tour and also Egypt after his family moved back to England. (

In the year 1902 "The War of South Africa: Causes and Conducts" is published and Doyle is knighted for this book. Doyle was very familiar with the war, also known as the Boer War. In 1900 Doyle traveled to South Africa and served



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