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The First Airplane by Wilbur and Orville Wright

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Essay Preview: The First Airplane by Wilbur and Orville Wright

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      The first airplane was built in 1903 by Wilbur and Orville Wright. Two years later, the Wright Brothers had created a practical flying machine. Working alone and with little formal scientific training, solve a problem so complex and demanding as heavier-than-air flight, which had better-known experimenters for centuries?

Certainly the brothers were talented, but the true answer also lies in their background and early experiences.  

        The genius of Wilbur and Orville lay not only in the singular act of getting a flying machine into the air, but also in the approach they evolved and employed to create the plane. Their method of evaluating data `gathered by testing an aircraft in flight, then the design based on those results, remains an tool in research and development.  

The invention changed the way people lived because the people  during that time they got to places very slow but when they invented the airplane they got to places faster and didn't have to walk or go o train, bus. You can just fly all the way .

    This invention improved since it was first invented now these days people go everywhere with airplanes they go to anyplace they want to. The importance of the invention is that it helps people get to where they want .also families   can go on vacation ad spend time with their families  and they can go there on a airplane .the world would be different  because if people  now want to travel they will have  to go in a car and it will take people forever  just to get to the place they  want to. Also if they want to go  to a faraway or go to the place you live  (el Salvador, Dominican republic)  place it would take them like a day or two for them to get there .

That is why a airplane should had been invented and it is and it helps people get to the place they want to go and will get them there in the time so they won't be late and get there in time .    

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