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The Fast and the Furious

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Essay Preview: The Fast and the Furious

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In the movie The Fast and The Furious there are two main characters Vin Diesel and Paul Walker,they are two different people playing two different roles,

In the movie Vin Diesel plays this street racer who high jacks truck, when he was younger his dad died in a stock car accident and that was real hard on him because he loved his dad so much and when his dad died he went looking for the person who killed his dad, Because he had such a rampage that he couldent help what he did b/c his dad meant so much to him, so he started racing because his dad was into racing so he waned to get into it him self but his racing is illegal and his dad's was legal but this racing causes him to race on the streets were cops come after him, Also during the movie they high jack these trucks full of dvd players, cameras, and so on but there is so much money in those trucks and the truckers will go through any thimg to keep those materials in that truckso toward the end of this trucker goes after vin diesel and his friend because he does not want to loose his load so he starts shooting.

The other main character is Paul Walker, He plays an under cover cop off duty to be an illegal street racer trying to chase after the high jackers but it takes him a little while to catch them, So in the beginning of the movie he races against vin diesel and a couple of other people so he could get to know vin diesel and his friends, But during the movie Paul helps out Vin Diesel out a lot because he was getting chased by cops and that's were Paul becomes friends with Vin Diesel and his sister, During the movie they went to a place in the dessert called race wars were they race legally but during the night Vin and his friend leave to go after another truck but some thing went wrong, Vin Diesels friend gets hurt real bad, So Paul called for help and Vin Diesel finds out that he's a cop and starts to take off but Paul catches him before he does but Vin Diesel is not leaving he trying to find his friend before he gets hurt, But his friend shows up and then the bad people come after him and kills Vin Diesel good friend and Paul goes after them and ends up killing one of them, So Vin Diesel goes to a spot were he use to race and Paul follows behind him and they line up to race so they do but after they got done Vin Diesel hits a truck and flips over and after that the cops are on there way so Paul Walker has a very big decision to arrest Vin Diesel or let him go so he



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