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The Effects of the Social Activities of College Students Effects of War on Society

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Essay Preview: The Effects of the Social Activities of College Students Effects of War on Society

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the effects of the social activities of college

students Effects of war on society,

War is very powerful in the way it reshapes and changes the society. It is well known that " there are two ways of settling a dispute: first, by discussion; second, by physical force; and since the former is characteristic of man, the latter of the brute, we must resort to force only in case we may not avail ourselves of discussion" (Ausenda 30). There are both positive and negative effects of war depending on the method of settling a dispute that has been selected. War is defined as "an armed conflict between autonomous political units" (ibid 3). The main aim of the warring parties as they engage in war is the concern of communication and energy; the main human society factors. War is seen to be more conventional and structured unlike other forms of violence, which are primitive including head hunting and raids.

Since the effects of the war are felt by the whole of the society, its effects and time defects are easily detected. It is worthy noting "the last minute awareness does not mean prevention" of the war (ibid 5). From this book, I learn that there are three broad categories of the effects of war on the society namely; infrastructural effects which are felt on material resources, ecology and territory. The second effect is the structural that affects political, social and economic organizations. The last category of the effects is the super-structural.

The negative effects of war in the society include the separation of families, which comes after the people are evicted during the war periods and since they do not have a destination to go to neither time to prepare to leave, each of the family members has to go independently. After the family members part including the spouses, divorce is triggered since some of the spouses live forever or for a very long time without seeing their other spouses and thus have to remarry. During war periods, migration increases since people have to look for peace and jobs to support their families and themselves. Since people are migrating from the war countries, international immigration stops. This is because people cannot come to a country that has no peace.

Since war involves deaths and blood shedding, the victims and the witnesses have a great psychological trauma since they have to live with these happenings forever in their minds. From this book, I learn that war does not only leave physical scars on the bodies of the victims but also mental scars, which are very strong to the individuals and may lead to mental dysfunction of the victims. During war periods, the people do not have hope of surviving and since planning requires hope, it is not possible to make their plans; all they think of is the war end to see them survive. The children who are born and grow in war periods almost get insane since according to them, they have a life full of horror to lead. They have to witness deaths and blood sheds as the daily occurrences. The life that is lived by the soldiers is also very difficult since they have to engage in killing in order to keep peace. As they kill, it may happen that the kill there loved ones or the death of their loved ones occurs, this is the worst experience for the soldiers and it can drive them crazy. When it happens that the death of the loved ones occurs, it may trigger more deaths by the civilians. The civilians who loose their loved ones will be forced to kill others in efforts of revenge so that others can suffer as they do.

With war, the economy of a country goes down. The companies that are engaged in business in these countries have no peaceful environment to conduct their businesses and thus have to close or move to other countries. There are no international countries, which will be willing to do business with the warring countries since it is not peaceful at all. This means that food production among other production stops and thus the people in the warring countries will have to suffer with no food to eat among other necessities. Other productions also stop and thus the people will have no clothes to wear and since destruction



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