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The Dream Scheme: Why We Dream What We Dream

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Essay Preview: The Dream Scheme: Why We Dream What We Dream

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The Dream Scheme: Why We Dream What We Dream

Topic #2

There are many sides to the dream debate ranging from psychoanalytical to neurological to spiritual. Write an essay stating your belief behind the logistics and reasons/lack of reasons for dreaming.

Throughout history, dreams have been occurring. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, and the Mayans to modern Americans, dreams have been recurring episodes taking place during sleep. While there are many different theories about why people dream what they do, the one that makes the most sense is that people dream about what happens to them in reality. Though the dreams may be slightly or greatly warped views of reality, they still have a founding base in actuality.

During the day, you are watching a baseball game and you and your friend have a discussion about one of your friends back in high school. You go home and go to sleep that night, and strangely enough, you have a dream that you go get pizza with that friend back from high school. Coincidence? Not likely. It is very common for people to dream about what actually happens to them in reality. The dreams will probably not be exactly the same and will most likely have some absurdities to them, but the overall plot will be actual or realistic. On the other hand, sometimes dreams will be completely random and make no sense at all.

Some dreams are completely absurd and have no apparent point or meaning. These dreams are not pointless, but should not be given too much thought. They occur during REM sleep just as all dreams do, but these dreams are entirely random and mean nothing. While some people claim to attach meaning to dreams, they are not, as Freud claimed, desires and fears that stem from childhood. Though many people have argued this for many years, dreams are generally random and have little or no meaning attached to them.

For the most part, dreams are normally a slight distortion of reality; however, sometimes dreams can be totally spontaneous and random. While there is still debate ranging from sex to trauma, dreams are a random part of life that have been occurring for years.



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