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The Deep End of the Ocean

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The Deep end of the ocean is by Jacquelyn Mitchard. It is about a family who has a child kidnapped and the pain and suffering the family goes through. The mother and brother feel that the kidnapping is there fault. They try to find the kid who was kidnaped for ten years and when they finally do he lives with a new family. They want to get him back but his new family and him don't want him to go back to his old family. They are all upset because the kid was kidnapped at so young of an age that he doesn't know who his real family is or witch family he should go with. The story takes place in wisconsin, in a big town where its not hard for a kid to be kidnapped. In the end the kid goes back to his origanal family, but it is hard for him to get used to all the change. He gets tired of all the frustration and wants to go back to the family he had lived with for so long so he runs away and goes back to them. The police come and take him away from the family and he goes to a foster home where until the court decides where he is going to live. The kid is confused and doesn't know what he wants to happen so he ends up just running away from the foster home, he stays on the run for about two months before the police get him again and force him to live with his origanal family again. The kid doesn't want to go back to his family but he is forced to he goes back to the police to ask to get him out of there, they tell him its not up to them and he just needs to try to get used to living with them. He runs away again back to his other family. The court finally decides to let him stay there and his real family would just be able to visit him or have him come stay on weekends.



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