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The Damned Human Race

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Unit 9   The Damned Human race

allegiance /əˈliːdʒəns/  CET6+ TEM8

1.N-VAR Your allegiance is your support for and loyalty to a particular group, person, or belief. 拥护

pledge of allegiance效忠誓言

anaconda /ˌænəˈkɒndə/

1.N a very large nonvenomous arboreal and semiaquatic snake, Eunectes murinus, of tropical South America, which kills its prey by constriction: familyBoidae (boas) 水蟒; 产于南美洲,以缠绕紧缩躯体杀死猎物

ancestor /ˈænsɛstə/  CET4 TEM4

1.N-COUNT Your ancestors are the people from whom you are descended. 祖先

2.N-COUNT An ancestor of something modern is an earlier thing from which it developed. 物种原型

ancestor worship祖先崇拜;祭祖;敬奉祖先

appease /əˈpiːz/  CET6 TEM8 (appeasing,appeased,appeases)

1.V-T If you try to appease someone, you try to stop them from being angry by giving them what they want. 姑息表不满           使平息;使满足;使和缓;对…让步

ascent /əˈsɛnt/  TEM4

1.N-COUNT An ascent is an upward journey, especially when you are walking or climbing. 攀登

2.N-COUNT An ascent is an upward slope or path, especially when you are walking or climbing. 上坡; 上坡路

3.N-COUNT An ascent is an upward, vertical movement. 垂直上升运动

atrocious /əˈtrəʊʃəs/  TEM8

1.ADJ If you describe something as atrocious, you are emphasizing that its quality is very bad. (质量) 极差的强调

2.ADJ If you describe someone's behaviour or their actions as atrocious, you mean that it is unacceptable because it is extremely violent or cruel. (行为) 残暴的

atrocious weather恶劣气候

avaricious /ˌævəˈrɪʃəs/

1.ADJ An avaricious person is very greedy for money or possessions. 贪婪的表不满


greedy / grasping

bloodshed /ˈblʌdˌʃɛd/  CET4

1.N-UNCOUNT Bloodshed is violence in which people are killed or wounded. 流血暴力

brood /bruːd/  CET6 TEM4 (brooding,brooded,broods)

  • 1.N-COUNT A brood is a group of baby birds that were born at the same time to the same mother. 一窝幼雏

2.N-COUNT You can refer to someone's young children as their brood when you want to emphasize that there are a lot of them. 一家子强调

...a large brood of children.…一大家子小孩。

3.V-I If someone broods over something, they think about it a lot, seriously and often unhappily. 担忧

brood over计较(尤指忿恨不满);郁闷地沉思

brood on念念不忘, 计较(特指忿恨不满)

brood pouch育仔囊;育儿袋

brute /bruːt/  TEM4

1.N-COUNT If you call someone, usually a man, a brute, you mean that they are rough, violent, and insensitive. 粗暴的人 (通常指男性)表不满

adj. 残忍的;无理性的

n. 畜生;残暴的人

captive /ˈkæptɪv/  CET6 TEM4

1.ADJ A captive person or animal is being kept imprisoned or enclosed. 被囚禁的; 被圈养的

2.N-COUNT A captive is someone who is captive. 被囚禁者

3.ADJ A captive audience is a group of people who are not free to leave a certain place and so have to watch or listen. A captive market is a group of people who cannot choose whether or where to buy things. (观众) 不能随意离开的; (市场) 被垄断的

4.PHRASE If you take someone captive or hold someone captive, you take or keep them as a prisoner. 囚禁某人

captive audience受制而走不开的听众或观众

colonel /ˈkɜːnəl/  CET6+ TEM4

  • 1.N-COUNT/N-TITLE/N-VOC A colonel is a senior officer in an army, air force, or the marines. (陆军、空军或海军的) 上校

lieutenant colonel[英]陆军中校;[美]陆军或空军、海军陆战队中校

concubine /ˈkɒŋkjʊˌbaɪn/ TEM4

1.N-COUNT In former times, a concubine was a woman who had a sexual relationship with a man of higher social rank without being married to him. (过去的)妾

imperial concubine皇妃

conjecture /kənˈdʒɛktʃə/  TEM8 (conjecturing,conjectured,conjectures)

1.N-VAR A conjecture is a conclusion that is based on information that is not certain or complete. 推测

2.V-T/V-I When you conjecture, you form an opinion or reach a conclusion on the basis of information that is not certain or complete. 推测



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