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The Council Learned

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The Council learned

Function was to maintain the kings revenue and to exploit his provocative rights.

Created the system of bonds and recognisances so effectively thus able to entrap nobles.

However the workings were seen as ‘shady’

Historian Thomas Penn argued that the council caused fear, frustration and anger

Important for the maintenance of Henry authority and for raising finances.

Associates- Richard Epson and Edmund Dudley who formed a feared combination of able bureaucrats who raised revenue- their downfall brought happiness to the streets

Created enemies- Bishop Fox and Sir Thomas Lovell

Court and Household

Tudors relived on royal court.- Centre of gov

Influenced by royal courts in Burgundy and France

The focus of personal monarchy and royal ceremony

Privy Chamber- kings private quarters, used for work and leisure. Met people and servants

The Chamber- Presided over Lord Chamberlain (Sir William Stanley was found in a reasonable plot with Perkin warbek) - holding audiences and public dining. Communications area and patronage.


House of Commons and house of Lords

2 main functions:

pass laws and regulations

grant taxation to the crown

Henry only called seven parliaments during his reign.

5 were at the start of his reign as they were concerned with issues of national security and raising revenue

eg. his first 2 passed acts of attainders

His first parli granted tonnage and poundage for life, other granted extraordinary revenue- for war

Frictional taxes - 203,000p1487-97

Justices of Peace

Henry relied on



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