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The Conservative Movement

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Essay Preview: The Conservative Movement

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The new wave of the right wing conservative movement started in the 1980's with the yuppies. The young urban professionals were all about business and money and of course most of them were part of the GOP (Republican Party). They strayed away from the left wing liberals like hippies most hippies could have had a yuppie as a baby. The presidents we had were a part of this movement to Ronald Reagan (1981-1989 Republican) started this movement; George Bush (1989-1993 Republican) kept the movement going, Bill Clinton (1993-2001 Democrat) the movement calmed down at this point. Now it comes full circle with George W. Bush (2001-present).

There is one classic book that was too obscene for the conservatives so they banned it. The book was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It was placed on the banned list twice and has been twice removed. The first time it was banned in 1965 by the NAACP because it used the word nigger too many times, then in 1984 because a black alderman found the books language offensive. Not only do I think it is wrong to ban any type of literature but how can they say what is obscene and offensive? Another American classic that was banned was The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck once again it was for the vulgarity of the book.

The stifling effect of censorship is worse now since the Janet Jackson fiasco at Superbowl XXXVIII. The FCC was and still is doing a crack down on any and everything they find obscene. Howard Stern takes the spot light, with his "crude" humor and brash way of doing things. The FCC doesn't like him very much. They fined him a record $495,000 for a "blumpkin" reference. The FCC can fine you for things they deem are obscene and vulgar. The only problem is he said this obscene reference over two years before they fined him which has never been done. All that will change on January 2006 when Howard moves to satellite radio.

Satellite radio is new and has only been on the market for about 5 years. It's like cable T.V. for the radio and that is a good thing for Howard Stern or any Shock Jocks. It is good because the FCC can't fine or censor any pay service because you (the buyer) want it. There are two different types of satellite radio though one is XM and the other is Sirius. Howard chose the latter in a tremendous $50 million deal for five years. The FCC can't censor something you subscribe to so that's why Howard is making the



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