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The Color of Your Eye Affects Your Vision

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Essay Preview: The Color of Your Eye Affects Your Vision

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My objective for this Science project was to find out if the color of your eye affects your vision. Would your eye color also determine if your wear glasses? Does your eye color make a difference if you have to wear glasses or not?

I would like to thank my Mom, for helping with my poster board. I am not great at cutting and pasting so it was nice of her to help. Also I wanted to thank my Dad, for answering my eye questions. My mom has green eyes and my dad has really dark brown eyes so we wonder how I came out with the blue/green eyes.

There is a wide range of eye color. The amount of pigment which means color determines your eye color. The lightest eye color would be blue that has the smallest amount of pigment or color. Next shade of hazel which is a greenish has a medium amount of pigment. Finally the brown eyes have the largest amount of pigment. There are many shades of eye color today. It can be tricky too because people wear colored contacts to change their eye color.

Eyes are a very sensitive organ. Color affects eyes in different ways. Scientist have found that the brighter the color the harder your eyes have to work to adjust. The sensors in your eyes have to worker harder to adjust to your situation. Scientist says that the hardest color for the eye to adjust to is yellow. Eyes have issues with light too. If there is a bright light your eyes can have a very hard time and that is why you squint.

Studies have shown that with darker eyes you have an easier time reacting to light. A study done by the University of Louisville showed people with darker eyes had better reaction time to sports like baseball and boxing. But they found that the lighter eyed people had a better time throwing balls or hitting a golf ball.

I did find in my research that blue eyed people have a harder time when it is sunny outside. But people with darker eyes like brown it did not hurt as much. Scientists also note that the lighter eyed people have a higher risk of eye problems and disease. My other finding was that more people with blue or lighter eyes wore glasses. I did find a portion of people with brown eyes that wore glasses but it was the lighter shades of eye that wore glasses more often.



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