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The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl

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        I was the scenic designer for this project, mine was The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl. I found the plat very interesting it wasn’t really something that I have read before I found it strange, but I still enjoyed it. For this final presentation I created a plot summary for the entire play and explained it to the class during the presentation. I also did research on the theatre that we decided was the best for the play. I found out the history and back story of the Globe theatre also known as The Shakespeare Theatre. It was an interesting theatre that I haven’t learned about before. I was surprised that the place first started in the 1600’s and ended up burning down and then had a new place built which closed and was demolished before the final theatre was put up in the late 1900’s. I researched the seating capacity of what this theatre seated. I also decided the right kind of background sets for each of the scenes that were incorporated in the play. I had to take into consideration the age and the income of the sets to decide what I would want to be placed in the set whether it was valuable or not as valuable. I also explained each one of these aspects of this paper in the presentation that I gave today. Overall I had to determined the set and scene of the play and helped with the director a few times when trying to come up with an overall concept.



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