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The Chemistry of Fathers

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My Dad

"Are you ok" is what I heard right after we had been in a car crash in the summer of 2013.A the car laid their totaled on the middle of the road I remember him telling me "well at least we can get a new car". Although that was a horrible day he had found a way to make it a funny event. As we took all the things out of the car at a towing yard he told me that "at least we didn't die" laughing after that. Everardo M Silva my dad is positive, dependable, and wise.

First of all, is very dependable. I believe this because he was one of the two people to raise me. In the worst of times and the most stressed of times he never forgot that he had a family and he took care of them .Never did he take out any of his stress or anger out on his family. When given the chance to attend any type of school or afterschool function he would make time to support his family.

Second a very wise person, He has gone though many years and now has experience you can telling the whit in his hair and mustache, He has been though low times and high times and has a lot of experience that you can only get with age. That experience has made him a patient man "take your time but do it right", is something I all ways heard from him. He worked all his life and knows a lot about a wide variety of topics because of it.

Lastly, my father is a positive person. "Think positive" is what he always would tell us in the worst times. No matter how horrible the situation got he would never admit that the situation was bad. He was always able to find a good side to every situation. "We'll be all right", is what we heard whenever a problem would come up.

Wise dependable and positive are all traits that describe. Not only that but he is my father, this man sacrificed a lot just to raise me and care for my family and never left them.



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