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The Average American Child - Effects of Violence in Tv

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Essay Preview: The Average American Child - Effects of Violence in Tv

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The average American child will have watched over 100,000 acts of violence on television and in movies, by the time they are in 6th grade (Children). Increasingly we see children's violent behavior in the headlines almost every week. As media violence grows, children are exposed to it more, causing violent behavior in school and at home.

When young children see violent behavior in movies or on TV, they have trouble separating the real world from what is fake (Murray). Many accidental killings by young children are because they have seen the same thing on TV and do not understand the real harm that they might cause. They expect the recipient of their violence to just be okay. Children see violent behavior in the media and think it is acceptable behavior to carry out with their friends on the playground or at home(Vos Post). Kids also do not understand that the killing on television shows is fake. They do not know that there are consequences if they imitate things they see in the media in real life (TV).

Many studies show that the influence of violent TV is negative (Szaflik). One of these studies researched younger children, and found three major effects. The first is that the children became less sensitive to the pain and suffering around them (Violence). The second is that they sometimes become fearful of the world around them (Violence). The third effect is the children were more aggressive towards others(Violence). The research also showed they were more likely to hit or abuse their playmates. The most extensive analyses of violence on TV was studied by Dr. Gerbner and his colleagues. They studied children from 1 to 7 years old and found many cases of increased violence (Murray).

Leonard Eron and Rowell Huesmann followed viewing habits of children for decades. In 1960 Eron studied 800 eight year-old children (Children). He found after watching many hours of violent programming children were more violent toward others (Children). They both checked back on the studied children 11 years later and found they were more aggressive adults (Children). Many were even beating their spouses and committing other acts of domestic violence (Children).

TV is mostly over-watched by children whose parents both work (Lacayo). When children are alone with the television a lot, they are left at the mercy of a peer culture shaped by the media (Lacayo). Between Southpark, Jerry Springer, professional wrestling, and almost every other show,



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