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The Age of Reasoning and Logic

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The Age of Reasoning and Logic

The eighteenth century is often referred as an age of reasoning; due to people's interest in logic and reasoning as opposed to perception and distinguished truths. This was a great time of change in America; a shift of views of church to logistics took place. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were both considered very influential people during their era; which contributed to their great success. Both place great emphasis in their writing on logic and reasoning to make and support their points.

This was very evident in Benjamin Franklin's writing of The way to Wealth. In his writing he illustrates the optimism he has for human capability. He believed in human progress and alleged that one could achieve perfection through hard work and education "Early to bed, and early to rise, make a Man healthy, wealthy and wise", "there are no gains, without pains" (842 Lauter, Lauter, and et al). Not only was Ben franklin an avid inventor he was also said to be one of the wisest men to have ever walked the earth; he based many of his reasoning's on logic. For example on one occasion, he wrote an article, Witch trial at Mount Holly; that explains trial and conviction of people who had been accused of witchcraft. Franklin describes during the drowning phase of the trial, "The more thinking part of the spectators were of opinion that any Person so bound and placed in water unless they were mere skin and bones would swim till their breath was gone, and their lungs fill'd with water"(847 Lauter, Lauter, and et al) . Franklin seems to be implying that logically, it is a natural law that a person would float no matter if they were "good" or "evil"; and that someone heavier will outweigh someone that is lighter. Like Franklin, Thomas Jefferson's writings, illustrated how logic influenced his view on reasoning.

In Manners... Effects of slavery, Thomas Jefferson tries to not only illustrate the effects of how slavery has influenced the owner, but how it has consequently affected the slave the as well, "The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other." (1041 Lauter, Lauter, and et al). He also concluded that the witnessing of actions negatively affected children "Our



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