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Telepathy Scientific Method

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  Scientific method is an empirical method of knowledge acquisition, it refers to various ways and means that people follow or apply to understand and transform the world, and the ways and means also conform to the general principles of science, including the ideas, procedures, principles, techniques, and patterns adopted in the scientific activities such as theoretical research, applied research, and development and promotion. It is the result and necessary condition of scientific understanding.

   In the contrary, pseudoscience is essentially contradicting and opposing the scientific. It masquerades as science in an attempt to claim a legitimacy which it would not otherwise be able to achieve on its own terms. It is often known as fringe- or alternative  science. Telepathy is a famous pseudoscience, it is a kind of remote sensing that be called sixth sense by human, and other five general senses is sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Telepathy is  is the superpower to communicate with someone with no words or body language but only using the mind.(Jbittersweet,2014). Telepathy lacks strong scientific evidence to supporting and cannot be reliably tested. Telepathy is not be accept in the scientific community.                                      

   Psychologists claim that telepathy is a new science, and they have confirmed the existence of some psychic abilities through a large number of experiments. But those strange phenomenon are hard to believe, and the quality of telepathy research is very poor, including the experimental has many defects, data fraud, and cognitive biases of researchers. Thus the research of telepathy can not get exact results.For example, the American "Master of Psychology" Lein discovered that many "spiritual phenomena" existed by experiments, but they were quickly found it was false. The subjects of the experiment had cheating behavior, then the cheating behavior be banned. after this, Rein can not get a "spiritual phenomenon" again. Moreover, psychologists very hope the supernatural "spiritual phenomena" are real exist that lead to they ignore many objective facts that indicate telepathy do not exist. As a result, the questionable telepathy research is increasingly not recognized by the mainstream scientific community, and it has been rejected by scientists as a pseudoscience.


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