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Teenage Humor

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Teenage humour is unlike adult humour. Teenagers laugh at "Toilet" humour while adults laugh at "Civilized" humour. Therefore considering that teenagers laugh at the opposite of what adults do, we need to define the reasons why teenage and adult humour is so different.

I believe that teenage humour is sex oriented. I took a survey of ten teenagers to see what they believed was humorous. Trisha Lindsay believes that embarrassing moments are hilarious. Dustin Lockhart, Nadia Korfitsen, David Webster, Rick Fawcus, Kristi Webster, and myself believe that sex or sexual suggestions are humorous. Renita Manj and Ashlee Green believe that people who act idiotically or hurt themselves on a regular basis are hilarious. I believe that from this survey I have proved to you that most teenagers believe that sexual suggestions are the most funny in our generation.

The television programs that most teenagers watch are The Simpson's, Friends, and That 70's show. The Simpson's is a program that is aired on Fox and it is a cartoon. The Simpson's is about a middle-aged man named Homer. He is a dumb-founded idiot that works at a nuclear power plant. We laugh at him because he makes so many mistakes even if they are the easiest task. Bart is a ten year old kid who gets into trouble more then once a day. He gets into trouble at school and even when he is walking down the street to go home. He is like an average ten year old kid that likes to get into mischief. Bart is just a trouble maker that doesn't know when to behave himself. His sister Lisa is a straight "A" student that is on the Honour Roll, and plays the saxophone in the school Band. Every little girl would like to be Lisa because she is very mature for an eight year old. Marge is the mother of both Bart and Lisa. She is a homemaker and isn't very funny. Bart and Homer are the prime targets for funniness in this series.

That 70's show is the second example of a television show that teenagers find amusing. Adults find this amusing as well because they can relate to the subject. This show is about the 70's obviously. It is how our parents use to be. I believe this is one reason why teenagers find this television show amusing. The cast of the 70's show involves Kitty and Red who are Eric's parents. Donna is Eric's girlfriend, and Fez is a foreign student which is hilarious because he can't even speak properly. The clothes and the hair explain it all. When we look back on our parents we see bell-bottom pants, and disco days. I believe that we laugh at this because it was how our parents once were.

The other television program that I chose is Friends. Phoebe is a masseuse who is really dense and naпve. Joey is a struggling, Italian actor who believes that one day he will make the big times because he is good looking. He hits on every female that passes him by. Ross is a palaeontologist who was once married to Lesbian who gave birth to his son. Rachel works at Ralph Lauren and she is a prissy girl who gets lots of men's attention. Monica is a chef who is a neat freak. She is married to Chandler the computer wiz. Chandler's dad is a drag queen who works in Las Vegas. Chandler's mom writes very sexual romance novels. This show is funny because you wouldn't think that these people could be such good friends.

I chose magazines, another example to show what



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