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Target Corp Overview

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Company Overview

Target Corporation is a publicly held retail growth company in the United States that is focused on providing exceptional value to consumers through upscale discount stores and through online business. The company has been based in Minneapolis, Minnesota since its founding as the Dayton Company in 1902 by businessman George Dayton. The current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Target Corporation is Robert J. Ulrich (

Target Stores, including SuperTarget and Target Greatland, are upscale discount stores that provide quality merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious, and guest-friendly stores. Target operates more than 1,300 stores in 47 states, including over 140 SuperTargetÐ'® stores that add an upscale grocery shopping experience. In addition to the photo processing, pharmacy and Food AvenueÐ'® restaurants found in almost every Target, SuperTarget includes an in-store bakery, deli, meat and produce.

Target Corporation's other key businesses include: Target Commercial Interiors, a leading provider of high-quality goods and services for the office environment;, an innovative retail website recently expanded to complement the assortment and variety of merchandise available in the stores; and Target Financial Services, including Target Visa and Target REDcard, which offer discounts and reward points to consumers.

Target Corporation and Target Stores continue to grow. From 2001 to 2004, revenues, net earnings, the number of stores, square footage, and the number of employees all increased at steady rates, indicating that Target Corporation is a profitable and developing business in a tough and competitive industry.

Target Stores' competitive advantage is their "ability to surprise and delight" consumers by carrying affordable items that buyers need and still allowing guests the opportunity to "fill their baskets with what they want." Target has been recognized as a leader in trend merchandising and innovation.

Target Corporation has made consistent improvements to most of their financial numbers over the past few years, bridging the gap between themselves and their competitors, including Wal-Mart. With the recent sale of their Mervyn's and Marshall Fields business units, Target can now more strictly focus on continuous improvements



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