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Take a Moment to Drift with Your Thoughts, Allow Your Mind to Wander

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Essay Preview: Take a Moment to Drift with Your Thoughts, Allow Your Mind to Wander

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Take a moment to drift with your thoughts… allow your mind to wander…

PAUSE 20 secs…

You can easily imagine now your safe place… picture your house in the woodland clearing… you can remember the tiny details of the cottage clearly… the door and windows, the thatched roof… even the flowers in the front garden… make your way into the house now… take a look around and feel the energy the house is filled with… you feel safe and secure…warm and comfortable here… you remember the power your safe place holds… the power to ignite your imagination… and to hold you safe from harm of any kind... I want you to explore now, walking toward the back of the house… you can see an entrance to a downstairs room… there are five steps to the bottom… a beautiful wooden hand carved rail runs down the right hand side… the room at the bottom is lit with a soft warm glow… it looks so inviting you wish to descend… the stairs are covered in thick purple carpet… and it looks soft beneath your bare feet… I will count from 5-1 and as I count you will take another step down the stairs… with each number becoming deeper and deeper relaxed… more and more peaceful… when I reach 1 you will be in the room at the bottom of the stairs… and more deeply relaxed than you have ever been before…

5. Take the first step, deeper down

4. Feeling more a more relaxed

3. Letting go of any worries

2. Deeper and deeper down

1. You are completely relaxed

You are now in the downstairs room…. It is filled with scatter cushions in all your favourite colours… there is a sunken sitting area, and one wall is filled with an enormous tv screen… there are rugs and tables, this is your snug area… take a seat and fall back into the piles of soft and comforting cushions… rest a while in this place… and allow yourself to understand why you are here… take a moment to think about what you want for a happier life from this day forward… you are now ready to listen… your subconscious mind is ready to accept the suggestions… you want to be happy…

PAUSE 5-10

Now you are ready to make those important changes in your life… the changes you need to make to feel fulfilled and happy... You know now that these changes will benefit you… and you can clearly understand how important your choices are… your subconscious mind will help you now to achieve all you have set out to achieve…

You will take time for yourself in every day… you will give yourself the freedom to express be exactly who you want to be… you will find what brings you joy… and make time to bring that into your life… from horse riding to walking the dog in the woods… anything that makes you smile will start to come into your life…you will make time for meditation every single day… as you remember how good it makes you feel… how much clarity and vitality it brings to your mind… you understand that it helps you to think more clearly… and allows you to calm your emotional upsets… you will allow yourself the time to do some yoga or any other physical activity… as you know that this is good for mind as well as your body… it will allow you to have a more positive body image… and feel good about how your body feels... it will make you stronger and healthier…which is better for you and your family…you will be happier when you allow your self to make these changes… you know that these changes are positive for your life…and will be positive for those around you… you will be a good role model for your children and they will see your positivity…You can easily imagine now… making healthier choices for food… it is easy for you to remember how delicious and tasty healthy food can be… fruit and raw vegetables, salad and crackers… all easily and readily available… quick to prepare and eat… just as filling and satisfying…it is easy for you to remember how good you will feel if you make a healthy choice… how wholesome and revitalised your body will feel… how much more comfortable your body will feel after eating… you will be able to enjoy and relish every bite of your healthy choice… not because I tell you, but because it is right for you… because you deserve the best nutrients for your wonderful body… this magnificent vessel that has created life and gives you life everyday…. You deserve to be healthy and happy… those choices will make you feel good…they will give you more energy…more strength and vitality…you will feel better by making those healthy choices…you will choose to drink more water… water gives your body life… water hydrates and revives you when start to flag…water is the key to life for all creatures and you deserve to fill your body regularly with this strong life force… and you will make better choices for other drinks too… you will choose to drink less caffeine… you will choose to drink. Less alcohol…you will give your body what it needs with regular drinks of water…you may choose to enjoy the other drinks occasionally…but you have control and you will moderate your intake of things that harm your body…. You know now that you deserve to treat your body with respect… your beautiful body has given life for so long… it requires nourishment and enrichment… you require nourishment and enrichment…body and mind working together to achieve all that you require…allow yourself to absorb all the goodness that life can bring… with hope and positivity…you will continue on your path of learning… spiritual enlightenment and expanding your mind…you will be able to let go of any past resentments… they only serve to hold you back…. You will be able to release them…replacing them with hope and positivity for a bright and happy future…not just for you but everyone around you… your new outlook will help you to bring joy to those you love and care for… this will bring you even more joy…you can clearly picture how this will affect your mood… you will be less agitated… less stressed…more calm…more in control…you will be able to communicate clearly… people will want to listen to what you have to say… you can talk to those you love and care for about anything… just picture the scene of you and your family all sitting round the dinner table… it's a wonderful time and everybody is enjoying themselves…there will be lots of love around that table…just take some time now to imagine exactly how you want your new life to be… imagine all the wonderful new ways in which you can be happy… allow yourself to understand the importance of your own happiness…you deserve to be happy and healthy and positive…you can bring more joy to those you love and care for if you are truly happy… enjoy a few moments imagining just how wonderful this new life will be…PAUSE



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