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Supply and Demand

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Discussion Questions

1. Does a degree in management guarantee leadership ability?

I believe a degree in management would be able to help enhance ones ability to lead; however, the strength to lead comes from within. Learning how to lead is somewhat easy, but handling the pressures of leadership in the real world can cause a lot of stress that some may not be able to handle.

2. Explain. Why is it necessary for a manager to be familiar with the self-fulfilling


In order for employee's to fulfill their manager's expectations managers must

be familiar with the self fulfilling prophecy. Managers have to be able to

communicate in detail what is needed for him of her to succeed. They must

also be able to motivate employees.

3. What are some of the views that a manager with a theory x view might hold?

A manager with a theory x view may think that all of his or her subordinates

hate their jobs and therefore cannot be trusted to perform well. These types of

managers want tight control of their group and are reluctant to delegate work

tasks due to lack of trust.

4. Give an example of a transformational leader in your organization.

Unfortunately in the organization I work in the managers are x theorists and they

tend to do things the same basic way they have done since the company began.

None of the management are required to have any education and their

philosophies haven't changed much, but it is still a small company and this

will likely change once it grows.

5. Give



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