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Supersize Me

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The latest statistics say that two out of every three Americans are

overweight, and about one out of every three of those persons

overweight is obese. Morgan Spurlock, an MTV alumnus, decides

to eat three meals a day at McDonald's for thirty days to see how it

will affect him. He must eat every item on the menu at least once

during the thirty days, and he must super size anything he orders

when suggested to by employees. A lot of people are criticizing

Spurlock for setting up a situation where the predetermined

outcome is maximized by his decidedly biased decisions. He

doesn't exercise, and he limits his incidental walking to a mile per

day. This may be partially true, but Spurlock wisely chooses a

humorous approach to his topic; because, the reality is few people

really want to discuss or listen to how overweight they are and why.

Taking a more serious, preachy tone would wear down audience

interest quickly. Besides, the film isn't just about what happens to

Spurlock after eating at McDonald's for thirty days, the results of

which far exceed his three medical consultants' worst expectations. The film also attacks corporate America in general in

the way it tailors its advertising to influence the most vulnerable

Americans: children. From kids that know Ronald McDonald better

than Jesus and George Washington to school lunch programs

that mercilessly serve junk food to the nation's children, Spurlock

illustrates how we are our own worst enemies. As in any good




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