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Sunday Too Far Away

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Sunday Too Far Away is set on an Australian sheep station in 1955. It shows the life of a shearer, Foley (played by Jack Thompson), In the hardships of living through the union action of that year and the consequences of age in the demanding and competitive world of the shearers.

the film traces the actions of Foley . Foley is a long time gun shearer who has returned from retirement for one last season to make the most of a pay rise to shearers. Though out shawn by a new comer Foley is the uncontested leader of the shearing gang. Through him and scenes like the unmotivated break down in front of the owner's daughter, the only feminine aspect of the film, the audience receives the emotion of the film. His predicament and the feel of the film are emphasized with the parellelism of the older alcoholic

Garth and his young clumsy counter part. Foley is the most active character initiating brawls and jeering the arriving scabs.

Director Ken Hannam uses the eclectic character range of the film to demonstrate the masculinity and mateship of Australian culture in the era. The competitiveness, alchoholism, gambling and distain for the daughter reak "Aussie" maleness and provide a bleak but relative humour to the film. Through out the film speech is kept to a minimum and the feel of the film is replaced by actions such as the scene where Foley and his "mate" compete in washing clothes while naked. Through similar scenes it seems that Ken Hannam is showing the nessecity and pain of masculine culture through the characters and situations presented.

Focusing on the central character of Foley (charismatically portrayed by Jack Thompson) Sunday Too Far Away explores the occupation that holds a definitive place in mythology surrounding Australian outback life.

It offers a compassionate treatment of the pressures felt during long periods of separation from the ordinary comforts of home, and of the relationship void that is filled by the rough-and-ready camaraderie of mateship.



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