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Steering and Suspension

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Steering system

The function of steering system use in a moving ,turning and stopping vehicle, the main function is to perform turning left and right as control by the driver.

The steering system is the main issue thing that need attention because its affect the performance and reliability.

Now days we get some common steering system which got power which are Electric power steering and Hydraulic power steering system, they are most common power steering system in the world that enabling people to easy and comfortable driving.

Commonly there are two types of steering system used in cars. Even though we can get so many types for both systems. But the two commonly are:

* Rack and pinion steering system

* Steering box system

Rack and pinion and Steering box:

Is generally use in light passenger cars and race cars use, the manufacturer develops the rack and pinion in to two steering design, in either manual or power assisted system design. The rack and pinion usually uses a pinion gear that meshes with the rack gear, light rack housing and steering linkages like rack end and tie rod.

The rack gear sets does two main important things:

* It changes the motion of rotation in steering wheel into motion need to turn the wheels.

* It performs gear reduction and making easier to turn the wheels.

Steering box

It is a small kind of gear box steering system which is fitted between the steering system main shaft and the linkage of steering system.

The steering box got an arm that attached to the out put shaft this is called the pitman arm. This normally connects the steering box system and the steering gear.



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