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Statement of Purpose

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My interest in mechanical objects and fact that my father is a production engineer with Tata Motors, Pune (Earlier known as TELCO), gave rise to my interest in mechanical engineering. Once I asked my father to show me his workplace, so he took me to the TELCO commercial vehicles plant and I saw the achievements of mechanical engineering. Thereafter, every Sunday I accompanied him to work. Those Sunday trips were exciting and I soon wanted to become a mechanical engineer. On one such visit, I asked my father "Who designs all these things and how do they decide that this is the best design?" My father's reply was "Designing the things is the designer's job and for your second'll have to find the answer."

The past three years of formal mechanical engineering education have provided the answer to the second part of my question. There never will be 'The best design'. Finding 'the best design' will make genius, creativity and innovation redundant. The best design is merely a transient belief and the best design soon either outlives its utility or changing circumstances call for something even better, which is the cause of human progress and reason for continuous research. I intend make a career in research. I know now that a creative designer in search of 'the best solution' must have eclectic interests the sciences and engineering such as Archimedes and Leonardo da Vinci had. Therefore, the more I learn, the better I shall be able to find the best solutions and in this pursuit I am applying for a MS program to be followed PhD.

Thanks to my school, seeking exciting practical experiences to better understand the theories that I learn, has been my constant endeavor. The school arranged walks in the countryside to see bio-gas plants and water and sewage processing plants, Persian wheels and agricultural implements. These visits firmly implanted the text-book lessons in my mind. I have continued the practice. During the second program year, I was one of fifteen students that the College chose to attend a two-day training program in IC engine at Tata Motors under expert designers of the engines.

During the holidays after the second-year exam, in the month-long internship in the state-of-the-art Engineering and Research Center of Tata Motors, I worked under expert researchers and learnt from them the principles of aerodynamics and their effect on the design considerations for Ground Vehicles. I learnt something of Computational Fluid Dynamics and found it most interesting and essential for further work in Design. Therefore, I have opted to study CFD as the elective subject in the eighth semester. It will assist me in creating 'the most suitable solutions'.

For my sixth-semester seminar on 'Pre-Mixed Turbulent Flames', I earned the highest score



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