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Sports Psychology

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Police: Man attacked trooper with chain saw

Tuesday, February 22, 2005 Posted: 8:34 AM EST (1334 GMT)

WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A man was shot and killed by police Monday after he ignored pepper spray and officers' commands and attacked a state trooper with a chain saw, authorities said.

At least 13 bullets struck William Henkle after state and local officers who had surrounded him opened fire, police said.

Henkle, 40, allegedly struck Trooper Michael Hartzel in the shoulder, lower back and buttocks with the saw. The trooper was treated for minor injuries at a hospital and released.

Henkle called 911 early Monday and said he was having a heart attack, but when police and an ambulance arrived, he was outside the house with the chain saw running, said Capt. Kenneth Hill, commander of the state police barracks at Wyoming.

About 10 state and local officers formed a semicircle around Henkle and ordered him to drop the chain saw, but he revved the saw and refused to put it down, Hill said.

Police said they used pepper spray, then fired when Henkle lunged at Hartzel.

This is a very serious crime. It is not at all acceptable. Police officers should feel safe on a call. The laws that the police enforce, I think work against them. There are certain laws for police that should not be because it could end up hurting the police officer. This is definitely a very severe crime I would rate this two or a three out of 20 being the least and one being the most severe.

The insight this article brings out is the fact that for a call that seemed to be routine almost took a police officers life. This man deserved to be shot. Some people may argue that 13 shots are too much and they will probably try to bring out some lawsuit about police brutality. Considering there were 10 trained officers shooting at him it's really not. I think it should have been more considering my last statement.



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