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Source of All the Things Seen in the World

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People see different objects everyday which they interpret differently from each other. These could be things that are everyday objects that could be seen or rare objects. These objects are then interpreted the way it is seen or the point of perspective the viewer has while seeing this object. The sun is a way that helps people see these objects. The sun as it is a source of light and energy that we take advantage of everyday. Socrates explains this in the Republic how the sun is the good the lets us see or know the knowledge of the objects seen or the what is.

A person's senses includes the sight, hear, smell, taste and feel. Socrates defined that a person can hear without "a third thing in whose absence the one won't hear or the other be heard". (507d) He explains that the ear can hear without it needing anything else that would help it hear the things to be heard. As an example, to hear a music play, the ear does not need anything else to be able to hear this music play. Although, it is different with the sight. To be able to see the objects around a person, a source of light is needed to help the eyes see. This source of light can be a lamp,fire which is in this case, the sun is used since it is the greatest source of light available. Even though the sun helps us see the sight to be seen it "not sight" itself.(508b)

The sun is just a form that lets us see and observe the objects surrounding us that will not be seen without a source of light which is the sun. Without the sun, it will be dark which can cause opinions to appear because of the objects once seen but maybe forgotten. It is also where most things known would be based on what the other senses would feel, taste, smell or hear without what is seen because the source of light is gone. Leading to a point that the sun which is the source of light helps the eyes see the sight which helps the other sense too to know what is there to be seen.

Socrates then compares the sun, the eyes and the objects seen to the form of good, the knowledge and what is. With the sun objects around are seen without opinions being formed to how or what the objects really look like. Where as without the sun and the light is gone, the mind starts forming opinions as to what the object looks like based on its other senses. These opinions could lead to the bad opinions that is detrimental. The sun would be "the form of the good" that lets the sight see the



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