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Sonny Perdue

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Sonny Perdue

Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia ran for office in January 13, 2003 on the idea to make sure that the government do what they promise, making sure that the voice of the people is heard, and allowing the citizen's of Georgia to improve their lives through innovation and productivity with a little to none intrusion by government administration. Governor Perdue has lived up to his promises by solving issues that Georgia has been facing during his present term; water management, economy, taxation, and education which is Governor Perdue's top priority; are issues, that Governor Perdue and his administration have to deal with in order to make Georgia a better state to live and do business in.

Sonny Perdue was sworn in as Georgia's 81st Governor on January 13, 2003. Previous to his run for Governor, Perdue served his local community, as well as Georgia, and the nation in many roles. He has been a businessman, community leader, Sunday school teacher, State Senator, Majority Leader and President Pro Tempore of the Georgia State Senate, as well as an officer in the United States Air Force (Governor Sonny Perdue). Because of his ability to be a dedicated leader, skilled listener, patient decision-maker and hard worker; Governor Sonny Perdue was asked to run for the Georgia State Senate after serving on the Houston County Planning and Zoning Board during 1980's. (Governor Sonny Perdue).

Governor Perdue was born on December 20, 1946, in Perry, Georgia, to a farmer and a classroom teacher. Governor Perdue is married to Mary Ruff of Atlanta, Georgia. They have four children and five grandchildren. Governor Perdue went to Warner Robins High School and earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1971 from the University of Georgia. Before he entered veterinary school, he played football at the UGA as a walk on. While still in school, he volunteered for the Air Force. After his discharge from the Air Force in 1974 with the rank of Captain and practicing veterinary in Raleigh, North Carolina; Perdue returned to Georgia and became a successful small-business owner (Biography). He started two businesses, concentrating in agribusiness and transportation. Today, those businesses have grown to include several locations across the Southeast. His experience as a successful small-business owner, has improve Georgia's economic system as a whole. Governor Perdue has created over three hundred and twenty thousand jobs in industries such as; tourism, film and entertainment (Growing Georgia's Economy). According to the Governor Sonny Perdue's website, "He continually works to ensure that Georgia's economy and its businesses are the envy of global competitors", this ideal makes him stand out as one of Georgia's best business driven governor.

Governor Perdue rose quickly to leadership positions. After only four years in the Senate, he was selected to the office of Majority Leader. In 1997, both Democratic and Republican Senators elected him President Pro Tempore of the Georgia State Senate. Governor Perdue was able to use this position to ensure that the interests of Georgia's taxpayer are always at the forefront for state policy (Ga Senate - Sonny Perdue). Governor Perdue was also recognized as a leading authority on many issues including agriculture, transportation, education, emerging technologies and economic development.

Governor Perdue has not only handled economic problems with excellence but also his administration had to face education, and drought problems, which affected small-business that require water as their main source of income, affecting Georgia's economy as a whole. According to United Press International, "The drought has choked $1 billion out of the region's landscaping businesses and a ban on filling pools could seriously affect Georgia's $150 million per year pool maintenance industry." Due to the drought problem Governor Perdue's administration came



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